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* Teacher’s Guides
Reproducible worksheets and fun activities are available in these free, downloadable pdf files. Download each file and print them out for use in your classroom.

Who What Where When How Why Student Worksheet
Invite your students to go on a treasure hunt and discover the key details in the portion of text you are studying. Give them this printable student worksheet, available in color or in black and white, to fill in with information to demonstrate their understanding of the main ideas and important details. (RI.2.1, RI.3.1)
Who What Where When Why How Student Worksheet in color
Who What Where When Why How Student Worksheet b & w

Teacher’s Guide for Jesus (Get To Know series)
Jesus-Graphic Organizer
Jesus-Vocabulary Fun
(Jesus-Vocabulary Fun Key)
Reader’s Theater-A Narrow Squeeze
Read-Aloud Story and Activity-The Christmas Manger
Printable Bookmark Jesus

Teacher’s Guide for Mary (Get To Know Series)
Mary-Graphic Organizer
Reader’s Theater-The Brightest Light of All
Read-Aloud Story and Activity-Let’s Do What Anna Did
Printable Bookmarks Mary

Teacher’s Guide for Apostle Paul (Get To Know Series)
Apostle Paul-Graphic Organizer
Readers Theater-Moles to the Rescue
Read-Aloud Story and Activity-If You Give the Church a Dollar
Printable Bookmarks Apostle Paul

Teacher’s Guide for King David (Get To Know Series)
King David-Graphic Organizer
Reader’s Theater-Hope in the Desert
Read-Aloud Text and Activity-Building the Temple
Printable Bookmarks King David